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Multiple requests!

**Praises for good reports from the doctor for my daughter and granddaughter due the 11th of December!**

Please pray for Jackie Lewallen as he is in a hospital in Ft. worth for liver failure. Having an infusion to hopefully reverse failure.
Also, please pray for Donald’s mom Edith Moreau who is in Legacy West. She has been on their Covid floor since Tuesday.

Thank you church family!

October 1, 2022
My daughter Danae

Please pray for my daughter Danae. She is 33 and due with her second child in December. She has been so sick throughout this pregnancy that it seems she has severe damage to her throat and can barely swallow food. She is seeing a doctor tomorrow and may need to see a throat doctor as well. Please pray for her baby to stay healthy and for a safe delivery as well. Most of all pray for her heart to turn back to Jesus. Thank you church family, I covet your prayers!

September 27, 2022
Cathy McCaslin

Please add Jarrod's aunt, Cathy McCaslin to your prayer list. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

September 25, 2022
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