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Rebecca Hernandez

Update on my health & prayer request:
The surgeon said one I had to many scars from my gallbladder surgery and who did it put the scopes in weird places. My scar from my incision probably poked too close to my belly button. He told me it’s rare to have a hernia especially two so close to six months from post op from my first surgery. I evidently have a hernia they call Swiss cheese and he said there’s probably more under my belly button so they will do a large mesh to reinforce it. He said he’s going to make sure my small intestine isn’t stuck inside the hernia. I’m waiting next week for my insurance to authorize the surgery and he will schedule it.
Now with my primary doctor they took 13 things of blood from me this time to expand what else could making me still fatigued and my joints still stiff/hurting. Plus check my liver and iron again. She’s checking other things like lupus and other auto immune disorders. She also sending me to an Obgyn to check my endometriosis and get my hormones looked at through them. I’ll probably know more about my lab work in a couple days or early next week. 

April 8, 2021
Pray ForPrayer RequestSubmitted On
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